How to take the dimensions for the installation of a garage door?
garage doors

How to take the dimensions for the installation of a garage door?

The easiest way is to reproduce this sketch in your garage and to raise these dimensions:

  1. Bay width.
  2. Bay height.
  3. Fallout lintel (available space above the hole in which will go the door).
  4. Left Mandrell.
  5. Straight hallmark.
  6. Depth available in the garage (important for opening the new door).

Benefits of the sectional garage door:

  • The sectional garage door has no overflow outside and perfectly adapted to the installation of a motorization system .
  • Generally sectional garage doors are steel or aluminum.
  • Sectional garage doors have 2 possible opening directions: a vertical opening (ceiling) and a lateral opening.

Sectional garage door ceiling:

The articulated panels are positioned on the ceiling thanks to a set of 2 horizontal rails and 2 vertical rails.

garage doors
garage doors

The advantages :

  1. very functional.
  2. optimal use of space.
  3. excellent thermal insulation.
  4. no outside overflow.

Side sectional garage door:

garage doors
garage doors

The panels, suspended from a rail at the top, move on a ground floor and are positioned along a wall of the garage.

Advantages :

  1. use of the garage on all its height,
  2. pedestrian access integrated into the opening,
  3. excellent thermal insulation,
  4. no outside overflow.

The inconvenients :

  1. requires to release one of the side walls.
  2. more expensive than the classic garage door.

Motorization of your garage door:

The motorization of your roll-up garage door brings you comfort, safety and longevity. Here are the main options offered by Weighing drive systems


  • Do not get out of your car anymore (most of them work with remote control)
  • The engine can trigger the automatic lighting of the garage

Security :

  • Automatic locking of the door when closed
  • Detection of obstacles to stop the door and make it go up
  • In case of attempted opening, some engines exert a counter-thrust
  • In case of power failure, the door can be opened from the inside in manual


  • The openings are smooth, the door lasts longer.
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